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5 Ways to Build a Positive Culture

By July 27, 2016

Everyone wants a successful and positive culture for their company, but it’s no easy task. Having a strong company culture makes employees excited to come to work and can enhance productivity. However, it takes time and starts at the top of the company with the leaders.

 Lack of company culture is costing the economy an estimated $550 billion in lost productivity.

How do you build up a culture of success? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Always choose passion – It’s more important than skills. If the desire is there, you can usually teach the skills.
  2. Cross-train your employees – Employees with multiple skills that can help each other out are ultimately what will help your business grow. Find your employee’s best skills. It might not be what they’re currently doing, and they may be able to help in an area of need.
  3. Focus on an awesome experience for everyone – Clients, employees, even yourself! Everyone needs an awesome experience when they come to work every day. Think outside the box on this one – what can you provide that no one else can?
  4. Create a positive environment – This should be a given, but it’s important enough to put on this list. Positivity is crucial in a company with great culture.
  5. Have strong KPIs – You need company-wide goals and something that everyone is working towards. It gives your employees pride in the company, especially when they see the goal complete.

If your workplace doesn’t encourage communication and your employees don’t feel like a team, it’s probably time to rethink your culture. Start at the top and work on the items above. Create that positive environment and make your workplace somewhere employees want to come every single day.

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