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Compliance Professionals Forum: Regional Meetings

By August 3, 2015

CPF BadgeCornerstone is a proud founding supporter of the Compliance Professionals Forum (CPF). CPF is a membership organization that helps compliance professionals navigate the complex and fast changing world of regulatory oversight. If you have responsibility for compliance related to communicating with consumers about a debt, the CPF is your compass. Anyone can become a member to access the tools, resources, and community dedicated to help you succeed in the complicated and confusing world of compliance.

As part of their service, CPF hosts a number of regional meetings which allow you to interact in-person with fellow compliance professionals. Meetings take place over 1 day and typically run from 10 am – 3 pm; They are located within a short drive in order to minimize cost and time out of the office, but allow you to develop relationships with a broader set of colleagues. Regional Peer Meetings are larger forums than monthly CPF phone-based Peer Groups, but at approximately 20-30 people, are still small enough to provide the intimacy required for in-depth conversation.

Because of the Founding Supporters — TransUnion, Ontario Systems, and of course, Cornerstone — CPF is able to offer these meetings at no charge to compliance professionals!

Unlike traditional conferences, Peer Meetings are focused primarily on peer conversation; it’s not a passive learning event. Facilitated by one of the CPF Directors of Compliance Education, Regional Peer Meetings allow you to discuss multiple topics. Those who register to attend will have the opportunity to contribute to the agenda, but sample topics may include:

How to involve your Board of Directors in Compliance?
How do you manage your call monitoring program and what is your policy?
How do you get a new hire in compliance up to speed quickly?
How do you organize your Policies and Procedures document?
How do you deploy new policies?
How is Operations (or other departments) trained and tested on new policies?
Am I missing key policies?
How do you regulate the use of social media in your organization?
How do I best stay on top of changes in state laws?
How do I navigate through a client audit?
How do I navigate through a regulator audit?

These meetings are a safe and confidential space to discuss critical compliance issues. The goal is to strengthen the industry as a whole. While general best practices will be developed and shared with the group, specifics from your organizations are not required and are not to leave the group itself. There will be no press, and no regulators at these meetings, and discussions will not be recorded.

There is no exhibit hall at Regional Peer Meetings. While there may be up to 2-3 service providers who help to underwrite the session, attendees from these firms know that they are present to learn and to contribute (service providers often have great insight to add, as they’ve observed the issues you face at many firms as opposed to just one), not to sell.

You can meet Cornerstone at the Atlanta meeting on September 23rd and attend as our guest by downloading the Invitation to CPF’s Georgia Regional Peer Meeting.

If you will require a hotel stay for this meeting, we suggest perusing this list of near-by accommodations.

If you’re not located near Atlanta, but would still like to attend, check the CPF’s event calendar and find a meeting near you!

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!



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