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Cornerstone Spotlight: Welcome to Keith Montgomery!

By July 15, 2016

Keith Montgomery – Customer Experience Manager

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I first met several members of the Cornerstone Support team over a decade ago when I led a student ministry at a local church.  We employed in that ministry setting an excellent leadership development approach.  We sought to coach individual students and adults to win personal and private victories over challenges they were facing in their lives.  As a result, we collectively raised the strength of our ministry’s reach into our community. 

Several years ago I became bi-vocational with one foot in ministry and the other in business.  For a few years I sold IT related products to government agencies. During this patience-testing time I discovered that I enjoyed leading people to experience personal excellence, while at the same time I enjoyed putting my analytical skills to work to develop effective business solutions.  Now, though, I don’t know if being able to identify improvements is a gift or a curse! 

I can’t help but see potential improvements everywhere I look, from standing in line at a fast food restaurant to rephrasing statements that a customer service representative could have made.

I’m excited to come to Cornerstone Support; I’ve admired this company for the past decade.  Cornerstone has developed systems and procedures to perform the tedious and time-consuming tasks of acquiring and renewing licenses in such a way that makes it more cost-effective for a company to use Cornerstone than to do it themselves.   Even with all the sophistication of their processes, though, Cornerstone has become the industry leader by maintaining a personal touch. 

If you give Cornerstone a call you can expect to speak to a knowledgeable person – very likely the same person you spoke to previously; a specialist who knows you and is familiar with your situation and requirements. 

I’ll be observing Cornerstone from the outside-in while generating improvements from the inside-out.  For example, we want to improve our customers’ experience by giving them access to an online portal that will grant our customers instant access to the licenses/bonds they have acquired and insight into the progress of initial and renewal license applications in process.  My job is to stay objective and ask the “what if we did it another way?” questions.  So technically, even though Cornerstone pays my salary, I’m working for our clients to make their continued Cornerstone experiences as excellent and helpful as possible. 

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