Debt buyers are under the microscope for compliance.

Failing to keep your licenses up to date could be a costly mistake.

We’ll handle your licensing so you can focus on your business.

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You don’t know what you don’t know.
We’ve laid out some important questions you should ask when considering a new licensing partner. 

State Licensing & Insurance for Nearly 20 Years

We’ve been leading the ARM industry in professional licensing services and commercial insurance for nearly two decades—Let us lead you too.

What our clients have been saying for 20 years:
"I can’t express what Cornerstone means to us. I don’t know what we’d do without them!"
- Senior executive of Large Collection Agency
"I was looking for a more assertive, comprehensive, & knowledgeable vendor. With Cornerstone, I found that."
- Manager of recoveries for Active Debt Buyer
"When it comes to evaluating the performance of our agency partners, compliance is more important than their recoveries."
- Senior recovery executive of a Top 10 US Bank

Ensure you're always up to date
and never miss a renewal.

Maintaining your state licenses is a complicated and time-consuming process. States are continually changing statutory regulations and application requirements making it difficult to stay informed.

Our analysis will identify where your organization is currently licensed to conduct collection activities and, conversely, where any gaps may exist in statutory compliance.

Disruptive Issues Continue to Challenge the ARM Industry.

Penalties for non-compliant debt buyers can be serious.

Stay up to date on the major issues that compliance officers face and the requirement enacted by the state, CFPB, TCPA, FCC, FCRA to ensure you don’t face penalties and fines.