Debt Collection Bonding Requirements in New York City

By Joel BlackburnJune 21, 2018

A question we hear on a regular basis regarding collections in New York City is, “Is there a surety bond requirement that accompanies the license requirement?” The broad answer is “yes” – there is a debt collection bond requirement in NYC.

But there is a huge caveat.

The bond is only required for agencies that perform collections on child support payments. New York City Administrative Code Section 20-489 states the following:


As a condition to the issuance of a license to provide child

support payment debt collection services, each applicant shall furnish

to the commissioner a surety bond in the sum of five thousand dollars,

payable to the city of New York, executed by such applicant and a surety

Debt Collection Licensing Portal

approved by the commissioner.


The statute goes on to say that the bond can be increased up to $25,000 at the commissioner’s request.


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