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Minnesota Collector Background Screening

For collectors operating in Minnesota, a background screen must be performed prior to the initialization of the collector’s license, and an annual background screen is required prior to the renewal of the license.

Have new collectors in Minnesota? Cornerstone can complete your registrations, run the required background screens, and file with Minnesota for you.

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Important facts about Minnesota’s background screening requirements for collectors:

When initializing or renewing a collection license in Minnesota, an agency must legally attest to completing the Minnesota collector background screening requirements under penalty of law. Cornerstone Support offers a Criminal Background Screening Service which will allow you to rest assured that you have complied with Minnesota’s collector background screening requirements. 

Facts about Minnesota’s Background Screening Requirement:

  • New collectors are screened for the previous 5 years.  Renewing collectors are screened for the past year only, saving you money.
  • Initial background screening must be performed anytime an agency adds a collector.  The renewal screening is not required if the collector’s initial background screening occurred within the preceding 12 months.
  • The renewal screening must be completed no more than 60 days before the license expiration or renewal date and include the following:
    • A national criminal history record search; and
    • A county criminal history search for all counties in which the collector resided in the preceding year.
  • A collector is disqualified from being a Minnesota debt collector if, within the past 5 years the proposed or current representative has:
    • Been convicted of any felony;
    • Been convicted of a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor involving fraud, identity theft, or any financial crime;
    • Incurred a civil judgment for failure to account to a client or customer for money or property collected by the representative; or
    • Had a license to practice law revoked or involuntarily suspended.
  • Link to the Minnesota’s background screening requirement (Subd. 8.)

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