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Spotlight On Cornerstone: Why We Partnered With The CPF

Cornerstone Support has always put our clients first. Your needs are our number 1 priority. We constantly strive to create the best customer experience. That is a big reason we became proud founding supporters of the Compliance Professionals Forum (CPF). Knowing the pitfalls and constant changes in the world of compliance, we saw a clear need and ability to help compliance professionals everywhere. The brain child of Stephanie Eidelman, who brought to life, we knew the CPF would be approached with its members as the priority.

compliance cartoonIf you have a responsibility for compliance, related to communicating with consumers about a debt, the CPF is your compass. Anyone can become a member to access the tools, resources, and community dedicated to help you succeed in the complicated and confusing world of compliance.

As a member you gain access to a number of resources, the CPF hosted regional meetings (which allow you to interact in-person with fellow compliance professionals), monthly phone calls to discuss needs/questions/concerns with your peer groups, access to compliance experts, white papers, articles, and information of all kinds to keep you at the top of the compliance mountain.

The CPF is a forum where its members drive the conversation, so at the end of the day you become the compliance expert.

You can meet Cornerstone at the Regional Atlanta Meeting on September 23rd, and attend as our guest by downloading the Invitation to CPF’s Georgia Regional Peer Meeting.